What is Iaido?

Etobicoke Olympium Iaido (“E•eye•doh”) follows the Muso Shinden Ryu tradition.

Iaido is the way of drawing and attacking with a sword in one instantaneous action. The Iaido “way” includes perfecting Japanese style sword drawing techniques as well as developing oneself emotionally and spiritually. It is performed as a prescribed sequence of techniques, executing varied techniques against single or multiple imaginary opponents. Showing proper etiquette and developing exact technique through intense concentration and serenity are what distinguishes Iaido from other sports.

Since this is a mastery over oneself without an actual opponent, Iaido is an excellent martial art for a person who is seeking personal development.

Some of the benefits of practising Iaido include:

  • Developing self-control and serenity.

  • Developing respect for yourself and other people. This was commonly referred to as character development.

  • Learning about the Japanese culture.

  • Gaining friendships with active and interesting people.

  • Learning about the mental states and physical realities necessary to perform Japanese sword drawing at a high a level as you are prepared to develop yourself.

Our dojo is a member of both the Canadian Kendo Federation and Kendo Ontario.

The Etobicoke Olympium Kendo / Iaido Club Dojo